Bojidar Kadiev Architect is a professional studio practice which I founded in 2008 with the intent to summarize the vast experience I have accumulated working for more than twenty seven years on both sides of the Atlantic. It is the legitimate descendant of my previous company Bojidar Kadiev Architectural Agency which operated in Bulgaria and France between 1991 and 1998. I bring to this renewed practice everything I learned in my fourteen years working for other offices in New York.
It so happened that In my professional career, I have dealt with almost all building types: from detached single-family houses to multi-story residential and commercial buildings, to commercial and residential interior design, handling the project from the exterior envelope to the most specific interior details. My solid background in restoration, conservation, and adaptive reuse of historic landmarks comes from my academic studies at L'Ecole de Chaillot in Paris and from my work for UNESCO and ICOMOS in Europe.
I have always tried to reconcile the best practices of the European and the American approaches towards architecture. I firmly believe that the Architect is not a cog in a conveyor -belt machine, and that building typology specialization leads to the narrow mindedness of the shrunk horizons. I also believe that we must be responsible denizens of this planet, even without the LEED certification patch. I have studied in details this process, and I have directly supervised LEED consultants’ work. I believe in the grass-root movements that sprout throughout our communities and I can give them my professional support, because I am also familiar with urban planning, code and zoning issues. I have had great communication with my clients and their representatives helping them shape up their development vision, translating it into a buildable form.
I am a licensed NY State Architect fluent with 6 languages, the Imperial and the Metric Systems.
I am ready to answer all your questions about the design and construction process.
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Quote of the month:

“I started out trying to create buildings that would sparkle as isolated jewels; now I want them to connect, to form a new kind of landscape, to flow together with contemporary cities and the lives of their people.”

-Zaha Hadid