This solo exhibition happened in the spring of 1998, just months before my moving to New York. The idea came almost by an accident at a time when AutoCad Release 12 and Photoshop were just opening up to the architect the dimension of the virtual reality, the warped gravity and the unconventional viewpoint. Originally the exhibition showed twelve real life projects paired with their metaphorical transformation into abstract art. Sometimes it was just an impressionistic filter, sometimes the deformation was a deconstruction of an integral object into its layered components. Nothing special from the perspective of 2011, but these things were new at that time for Plovdiv and for Bulgaria, so the exhibition had a tremendous success. There was a lot of press and lots of comments. Some took it as an ironic play, others as an attempt to elevate the everyday architectural object to a form of an abstract expression. The exhibition that was under the patronage of L'Aliance Française certainly opened up the architectural community to the experiences and the power of the computerized rendering both as a medium and as an artistic provocation.

"architecture as a virtual metaphor", solo exhibition plovdiv, bulgaria, 1998