photograph by Zen Studio,1999

The building is situated in a typical old residential district. The lot has a peculiar shape a result from numerous acquisitions and re-regulations over the last hundred years. The zoning resolution calls for a continuous residential structure along Strakhil Street, with aligned cornices and equal setbacks from the property and building lines. The same client owns the adjacent building from the west side, that was also designed by my office in 1994. The existing building was a walk-up. The new one was to receive an elevator, which had to serve both buildings. This was a factor that determined the non-typical interior layout of the apartments of the new development. Both buildings are mixed-use condominiums with underground parking, offices on the ground floor and apartments above. Structure is cast-in-place concrete with brick walls and partitions. The area is 14,500 sf. Design was developed in 1996. Construction was completed in 1998.

strakhil street condominium, plovdiv, bulgaria