photograph by Zen Studio, 1999

The building is located in a newly developed residential district in the outskirts of the city, away from  downtown and the central metropolitan area. The client is a development and construction company and all the apartments are built to sell as condominiums. All permitted zoning area has been used to the maximum. The interior layouts are simple, the variety of the apartment types is achieved through alternation at each floor thus having two kinds of typical floors with respectively 2 and 3 units. The alternation is also used as a characteristic element of the exterior of the building. The development has 9 stories, including the cellar. The first floor is used for private garages. There are 16 apartments above. Two of them are duplex penthouses. The total area is 24,000 sf. Design was developed in 1995. Construction was completed in 1997.

parlitchev street condominium, plovdiv, bulgaria