second floor plan, rendering by Bojidar Kadiev Architect

A single-family vacation home in Inigo Ridge, Arizona. The house is situated on a steep hill and appears to be a 1-story volume with a penthouse from the street and  2 ½ stories from the south side which has a view of Lake Powell. The program is conventional for this type of houses: double-height living room, guest suite on the ground level, 2 bedrooms above and a studio in the penthouse. The big architectural statement comes from the roof of the penthouse which beckons as a signpost from afar. The penthouse is in fact a live-work studio with a large sun-deck for the owners’ granddaughter and her husband, both graphic designers. The exterior is clad in scorched Corten steel panels.  Gross floor area is 3,500 sf. Schematic design was developed in 2009. Work has been stalled for 2 years and resumed in the summer of 2011.

vacation home in inigo ridge, arizona