rendering by Bojidar Kadiev Architect, 1998

The building is situated on an empty lot, in a lively up and coming neighborhood, where the zoning regulations still permit the construction of mixed-use manufacturing with residential buildings. The client, who develops the lot for his own use insisted on an all-in-one structure. Printing plant and publishing house, occupy the basement and the ground floor. Above , there are offices for the publishing company and residential units for the client, and his family. The upper floor is treated like a penthouse under an enormous translucent covering, which is retractable and complies with the code regulations for setbacks, projec tions and temporary covers.
The architectural image is an attempt to reconcile the different programs present into the building with an abstract language of masses and volumes instead of using more con ventional signs and connotations. The finishes are natural and simple: white plaster, grey ex posed concrete, glass, and ano dized aluminum. Design and CDs 1998-1999. Completion 2001. Gross area: 20,500 sf .

printing house with offices & residential quarters, plodiv, bulgaria