street visibility study, rendering by Bojidar Kadiev Architect

This  townhouse renovation created a duplex apartment on the third floor by converting the attic space above into a habitable room, changing the roof line with the construction of two new dormers. The one in the back hosts a new bathroom. The other at the front creates an open terrace with view onto West 22nd Street in the Historic district of Chelsea. The lower floor has renovated kitchen and bathroom. As small as this project may seem, it underwent rigorous examination for compliance with New York landmarks regulations, including Community Board and NYLPC reviews. Some of the street studies proving the new dormer will be invisible from the street are shown here. The interior design & décor was left to the taste of the owners with the architect’s presence delicate and unimposing acting more as a consultant and advisor than as an arbiter of taste. Design was developed in 2010. Construction was completed in 2011.

townhouse renovation 349 w 22 st, new york, ny